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Semex Sires Receive Holstein Canada Awards

With each genetic evaluation Holstein Canada recognizes sires who reach elite standards in production, conformation and also genetic indexes through their Superior Production (SP), Superior Type (ST) and Class Extra (EXTRA) programs.

Eleven Semex sires have been recognized in April 2008 as Superior Production sires having combined genetic indexes for Fat and Protein in the top 5% of the Canadian sire population. Sires must have a reliability of at least 85%.

BELFAST SAPHIRE (Champion x Lee)

BENNER JOAH (James x Rudolph)

CLAYNOOK ANTHONY (Stormatic x Rudolph)

COMESTAR LOREL (Stormatic x Bellwood)

CRACKHOLM MESSENGER (Champion x Inquirer)

FREUREHAVEN ROGER (Morty x Aeroline)

KERNDTWAY HOWIE-ET (Morty x BW Marshall)

KLAYLAND KLANCY (Inquirer x Leader)

MASSICOTTE NIRVANA (Champion x Stormatic)


SANDY-VALLEY TATOO-ET (Marshall x Terry)

Four Semex sires have been recognized as Superior Type in April 2008. Sires winning this award are within the top 5% of the sire population for their type proof (Conformation, Mammary System, Feet & Legs, Dairy Strength, Rump) and with a reliability of at least 85%.

BENNER ANSELM (Stormatic x Mattie G)

MORSAN INSTAMATIC (Stormatic x Mattie G)



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April Proofs Show Semex Works Everywhere!

With proving programs in four countries on three continents, Semex's lineup of veterans and newly proven sires offers dairymen a diversified lineup of profitable sires.

"The April proofs show that Semex's sires work everywhere," says Pierre Laliberte, Semex Alliance Senior Vice-President, Global Genetic Programs/Operations. "Our success in Canada has never been greater, with 71 of the top 100 being Semex bulls. In the US we're seeing our Premier Program excel as our graduates continue to rank highly contributing to 13 of the Top 100 International Bulls carrying the 200 code. These bulls are successful worldwide, and average 1775 TPI. Impressive no matter where you are."

Newly released Premier Graduate 0200HO05217 Vieuxsaule Malicieux (Income x R Marshall) is one example of Semex's success through the USA's Premier Program. Malicieux graduates with a 1794 TPI with an impressive NM$ of +417, driven by his low SCS at 2.99, positive Productive Life, 10 for Calving Ease and impressive +2.48 PTAT, +1.99 UDC and +1.70 FLC.

0200HO07317 Magor Bolivia Allen (Allen x Storm) and his full brother 0200HO07321 Magor Baroque Allen (Allen x Storm) are two newly proven Allen sons that are true global sensations, showing that Semex Works Everywhere!

These brothers are both housed in ...

Norwegian Red Sires Shine in April 2008 Proofs

The April 2008 sire summary brings exciting news to the TwoPlus™ sires offered by Semex USA.

Current sire, 252NR10032 Haugseth maintains his number one standing in the Norwegian Red proofs with a Total Merit Index (TMI) of 22. Haugseth solidifies his place as an elite sire of the breed by maintaining this high ranking. Haugseth sires growthy calves which reflect his average calving ease rating. Haugseth is a very high fertility sire making him a tremendous option for the repeat breeders. Known as a true "all-rounder," Haugseth will be difficult to overtake in the rankings.

Closely behind Haugseth is a new addition to the Semex USA line up, 252NR10115 Raastad. Raastad has a 20 TMI. Raastad is health trait sire excelling in resistance to mastitis and other diseases. This comes as no surprise as he is also an udder sire with an overall rating of 116 loaded with milk and high components.

252NR10039 Haga joins Raastad at 18 TMI. This red sire transmits beautiful udders with superior component percentages. In addition to udders, Haga improves feet & legs and milk while excelling in every health trait. Haga sold out faster than any other Norwegian Red sire imported in the USA with similar results expected in his next shipment.

Other highlights include 252NR10183 Aasheim, a red-polled sire, with a 15 TMI resulting from his fantastic production figures. 252NR05848 øygarden settles in with a 14 TMI. He maintains phenomenal production figures with ratings of 120 and 118 for protein and milk respectively.

Ask about these and other sires offered as part of the TwoPlus™ lineup, the best balanced Norwegian Red sires available today.

For additional information on Semex's products, services or how to make Semex your partner in profitability visit, call 1-800-303-BULL or contact your local Semex USA representative today!

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Comestar Lheros Reaches Another Milestone

0072HO01758 Comestar Lheros EX-97-CAN EXTRA recently reached another impressive milestone in his life, surpassing the one million-dose mark and joining the elite ranks of Millionaire Sire Status at the Semex Alliance. Lheros joins an impressive fraternity of Semex sires including three other Comestar sires, Leader, Lee and Outside, and is Semex's ninth sire to produce over one million doses.

Born on November 11, 1996 at Comestar Holsteins in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada, Lheros resides at Gencor, in Guelph, Ontario and has always been a leader in markets worldwide. A 99% reliability second crop sire, Lheros is known for siring daughters built to last, resulting in dairymen using him a second, third, fourth and fifth time in their herds.

"Lheros has always been popular," says Pierre Laliberte, Senior Vice-President, Global Genetic Programs/Operations. "This Laurie Sheik grandson transmits dairy strength and the correct rumps dairymen are looking for. Since his second crop daughters emerged his demand has steadily grown, and he has never been more popular than he is today! The Gencor barn and production staff have done a great job keeping him in excellent condition and are a major part of this success."

Lheros is a type leader in many markets, improving conformation and rumps with a total of 29,271 daughters in 11,249 herds classified worldwide and 68% GP or better in Canada alone, including 75 EX daughters. Among his highest classified daughters are Canada's Hendercroft Lheros Gumball EX-94-CAN and Windy Brae Lheros Irene EX-94-CAN.

The popularity of Lheros, Canada's highest classified bull, is also growing as his sons receive their proofs. Semex is home to seven proven Lheros sons with an additional 10 to come, the most popular being recently proven 0200HO01796 Stantons Sidney and 0200HO5139 Karona Bonair.

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Cranston Joins Semex USA as District Sales Representative

Semex USA is pleased to announce that Jeremy Cranston has accepted the position of District Sales Representative (DSR) in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming.

Cranston will be a full-service DSR who is responsible for maintaining and increasing sales volume with established accounts while aggressively seeking new customers in the sale of semen, programs, supplies and nitrogen to ensure profitable sales growth along with providing technician services into large dairies. He has previous experience working as an AI technician for other AI organizations as well as training in DHI Plus and Dairy Comp 305.

"I am really excited to have Jeremy join the Western sales team," says Andy Camara, Western Region Manager. "Jeremy brings vast experience for this unique dual-role DSR/Technician position that will profitably grow Semex USA's sales market in Colorado."

Jeremy, his wife Britney, and their seven children recently relocated to Colorado.

For more information on Semex USA's products and services visit , call 1-800-303-BULL or contact your local Semex USA representative and see how Semex Works Everywhere!

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Mitchell Promoted to Semex USA Dairy Genetics Training Coordinator

Semex USA is pleased to announce the promotion of Rissa Mitchell to Dairy Genetics Training Coordinator. In addition to her current Dairy Genetic Consulting responsibilities, she will also be responsible for providing training and technical support on our mating program to all of Semex USA.

Rissa is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and her Master of Science in Dairy Cattle Breeding and Genetics. Since January 2006, Rissa has served as a part-time Dairy Genetic Consultant for Semex USA providing genetic consultant services to dairymen throughout the Southeastern United States.

Rissa has been very active in Holstein activities, serving as the chairman for the 2007 National Holstein Convention and recently she finished a four year term on Holstein USA's National Junior Advisory Committee.

"Rissa is the ideal person to lead our training and the technical support activities behind our mating program," says Bill Hageman, Genetics and Operations Manager, "Semex USA will benefit from her vast industry experience and her keen approach to strategically fit our genetic program to properly benefit our customers and our entire organization."

Rissa, along with husband, Jeff, and children, Matt and Hailey, reside in LaFollette, Tennessee where they operate Rocky Top Holsteins. Rocky Top Holsteins claimed five Junior All-American nominations in 2007 and was home to the Grand Champion of the Mid-East Fall National Holstein Show, Reserve Grand Champion of the International Junior Holstein Show, and Reserve Grand Champion of the Grand National Junior Holstein Show.

For more information on Semex USA's products and services visit, call 1-800-303-BULL or contact your local Semex USA representative and see how Semex Works Everywhere!

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Behnke Promoted to Semex USA Central Region Manager

Semex USA is pleased to announce that Brian Behnke has been promoted to the position of Central Region Manager effective March 03, 2008. In this role Brian will be responsible for the sales, marketing, growth and profitability of Semex USA's Central Region, including over 20 representatives in 12 states.

Born and raised on a registered Holstein farm, Brian graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy Science. Brian has over 20 years of dairy cattle industry experience including an in-depth knowledge of dairy cattle genetics, sales and farm management. His vast industry experiences include dairy cattle sire procurement for Landmark Genetics, as well serving as herdsman to the 1200 head Royland herd in Warden, Washington as well as the 2400 head Wilcox Farms Inc at Roy, Washington. Brian joined Semex USA in April 2003 as a District Sales Representative where he successfully developed his sales territory and built long-term customer relationships.

"Brian has the skills and drive to lead our sales force in the very diverse and changing market in the central United States," says Joe Horkan, General Manager of Semex USA. "His experience and dedication to the Semex organization and our philosophy of high production through correct conformation makes him the correct person for this challenging position."

An accomplished cow-man, Brian has also had the opportunity to judge numerous dairy cattle shows both domestically and abroad, including the 2005 Grand International Red & White Show, Western Spring National and Wisconsin State Fair. Most recently he placed Canada's largest 4-H dairy cattle show, the Scotia Bank Classic at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Brian and his wife Tami reside in Albany, Wisconsin.

For more information on Semex USA's products and services visit Read More...

3rd Annual Semex Photo Contest Announced

The Semex Alliance is pleased to announce its 3rd Annual Photo Contest. We're looking for new, exciting photos to use in Semex promotions such as Semex calendars, posters, brochures, website and much more.

In 2007 over 300 photographs, from three Canadian provinces, 10 US States, Colombia, Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, Sweden and the United Kingdom vied for top honours.

This year's categories are as follows:


Preference will be given to photographs that include cows and will be judged on composition, quality and character of image, suitability and/or creativity in relation to a category theme and overall impression of the photo.

Prizes will be awarded in each category as follows:
- 1st Prize: $500 Canadian
- 2nd Prize: $250 Canadian
- 3rd Prize: $100 Canadian.

All entries must be received by August 1, 2008. Visit to enter contest, and for full contest rules, terms and conditions.

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Semex Takes Center Stage at World Ag Expo

Held each year in Tulare, California, the World Ag Expo is a one-of-a-kind event. In its 41st year, this show attracts over 100,000 people from 71 countries to its newly expanded 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space!

California's World Ag Expo proved to be a logical location for Semex's Walk of Fame, putting 9 California dairy cows by popular Semex sires on display, showing breeders from up and down the west coast and beyond that Semex Works Everywhere!

"Our goal was to display Semex-sired daughters that large herd producers could relate to," says Joan Lau, Vice-President Marketing Semex Alliance. "It was the same kind of display Semex places at World Dairy Expo, the Royal Winter Fair and other premier dairy events around the world, with the animals showing off their rear udders and feet & legs. Dairymen were pleased with what they saw from us, and were impressed with the way Semex's genetics are working on large-scale California dairies."

Daughters of these popular Semex sires were showcased in the display:

· 200HO00044 Stouder Morty
· 200HO03067 Pursuit September Storm*RC
· 200HO00113 Cedarwal Spirte
· 200HO05042 Henkeseen Hyatt
· 200HO03070 Ladino Park Talent*RC
· 200HO01196 Hartline Taylor
· 200HO03315 Braedale Pagewire
· 200HO07317 Magor Bolivia Allen
· 200JE000989 BW Country.

"In planning this event I knew the Walk of Fame would excite our team members, customers and the public," says Andrew Camara, Semex USA Western Region Manager. "But when I was approached by a dairyman who has always used a competitor's product and he asked me if I had time to sit down with him and talk about what Semex could do for his herd, I knew we had accomplished our goal."

Additionally, visitors to the Semex display had an opportunity to register to win an all-expenses paid dinner for two anywhere in the world! Those who had their photo taken ... Read More...

World Dairy Expo Trip Winners Explore Australia

Submitted by Jim Lindsay, Semex Pty Ltd

Winner's of Semex's "Win A Trip To Australia" sweepstakes during World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, Ellen & Elizabeth Killian of Independence, Wisconsin were among the many international visitors to the recent International Dairy Week in Australia.

The Killians were the winners of this popoular draw at Expo where anyone could enter to win by having a photo taken with Semex's Walk of Fame cattle display. The grand prize was a trip for two to Australia's International Dairy Week and a once in a lifetime chance to see Semex's own Ladino Park Talent *RC!

While husband Ellen's husband, Bernard, stayed at home to manage the family's 300-cow operation, Ellen and her daughter, Elizabeth, enjoyed a two-week tour of Australia.

Hosted by staff from Semex Australia, Ellen and Elizabeth visited a number of dairying operations along the picturesque NSW South Coast before travelling inland to the Riverina and northern Victoria en route to International Dairy Week (see panel).

Ellen said she was also struck by the difference in infrastructure required to run such relatively large herds. The average herd size in Australia is about 250 cows, although many family farms are now running 500 cows or more.

"The climate in Australia allows much more pasturing and rotational grazing," she said. "In Australia you see lush green pastures with really small buildings where they milk the cows.

"Back home, our cows are out on pastures a lot when they are young but once they start milking they're ... Read More...