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August Proves Semex Works Everywhere!

August 2008 proofs saw Semex sires take 12 of the top 100 International TPI Sires listings, all over 1700 TPI, and 76 of the top 100 Canadian LPI rankings, showing that Semex sires and stud code 200 can and do Work Everywhere!

Semex's 12 Top 100 International TPI Sires:
 NAAB   TPI  Name   PTAM   PTAF   PTAP   PTAT   UDC   FLC   PL   SCS   NM 
200HO05217 2014 VIEUXSAULE MALICIEUX-ET 2071 49 64 2.89 2.93 Read More...

Semex Works Everywhere: Finland World Ayrshire Conference

Christopher Studer, Semex Alliance Ayrshire Coordinator

Every four years the Ayrshire World Federation holds its conference in a different part of the world. This year the conference was held in Finland, home to the largest population of Ayrshire cows worldwide. Delegates from around the world congregated to hear conferences about the future of the breed and visit multiple herds. The visitors also had the pleasure to view a great junior handler show, a sale and the International Ayrshire Show.

Semex was very well represented at this show, as we were proud to display a daughter group of six cows. The main goal of the exhibit was to show breeders the result of using Semex Ayrshire bulls in the Finnish population. Daughters of Shady Walnut Conn, Kildare Jerry, Woodlawn View Pardner and Birghdale Copper were represented in the display.

Semex sired Ayrshires dominated every class in the Show who saw 161 head pass before Judge David Mayo of Semex Australia/New Zealand.

Junior Show Results:

· Junior Champion - Joukolan Vaavikki by 0200AY00546 Margot Calimero
· Honorable Mention - Hokon Modem Lyly by 0200AY00564 Lagace Modem

Senior Show Results:

· Grand Champion - HH Tia Marie Sue by Woodlawn View Pardner
· Reserve Champion - Kuortin Tilli by Kildare Jerry and featured in the Semex display
· Honorable Mention - Majaniemen Unelma by 0200AY00002 Birghdale Copper and featured in the Semex display

Semex's Ayrshire bulls have been doing well in Finland in the past few years, showing that Semex Works Everywhere!

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Semex Alliance 2008-2009 Board of Directors Announced

The Semex Alliance is pleased to introduce their 2008-2009 Board of Directors.

Elgin Craig (Gencor) will serve as President & Chairman of the Board, assisted by Gary Bowers as 1st Vice-President (Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec, CIAQ) and by Tim Hofstra (Westgen) as 2nd Vice-President.

Other members of the Board of Directors include John De Vries (Eastern Breeders Inc, EBI), Guy Lavoie (CIAQ), Norm McNaughton (Gencor) and Normand Barriault, Semex's newest board member from Carleton, Québec (CIAQ).

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Semex's Ristourn Dominates Ayrshire LPI Listing

0200AY00601 Lagacé Ristourn blasted onto the scene as the top LPI Ayrshire sire marketed by Semex Alliance following the April 2008 genetic evaluations. From the Canada's famous Mode family, Ristourn has over six VG or EX dams with multiple brood stars and excellent production. His sire, B Jurist, has added the beneficial strength and production to each of his sons and daughters.

noneBreaking down Ristourn's proof, exceptional production traits with positive deviations for both fat and protein dominate. On the functional side, we find Ristourn close to or above all traits, while also excelling for Herd Life, Somatic Cell Score and all calving traits.

Ristourn's daughters confirm his superb conformation breakdown, displaying excellent Mammary Systems and Feet & Legs. "This is where he really excels," says Chris Studer, Semex Alliance Ayrshire Coordinator. "It is remarkable to see so much production come from such correct udders. Ristourn daughters walk correctly on a tremendous set of feet and legs, showing great heel depth."

Ristourn will be an excellent outcross bull for Ayrshire populations as he has no Milkman of BBBK blood in his pedigree.

Ristourn offers the complete package of production, functional traits, conformation and outcross, making him ideal for markets everywhere.

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Statz Promoted to Semex USA Accounting Administrator

Semex USA is pleased to announce the promotion of Amanda Statz to Accounting Administrator.

Amanda is now responsible for the following areas: accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit and collections, expense reimbursements, assisting with month-end closings and year-end audit, along with assisting with general office support.

Amanda is a graduate of Edgewood College with a BS degree in Business with concentrations in management and accounting. In 2005, Amanda began her career at Semex USA as the Administrative Assistant, but was quickly promoted to a Customer Service Representative. Prior to her employment with Semex USA, Amanda worked in various jobs including accounting, office assistant, and sales associate.

"I'm excited to have Amanda on board as the Accounting Administrator," says Joe Magnusson, Accounting and Finance Manager. "Her business education, work experience, and her recent successes with Semex USA make her an ideal fit for this position. I'm confident that she will continue to excel in her career with Semex."

Amanda and her husband Russ reside in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

For more information on Semex USA's products and services visit, call 1-800-303-BULL or contact your local Semex USA representative and see how Semex Works Everywhere!

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McCullough Named Central Region District Sales Representative

Semex USA is pleased to announce that Kurt McCullough has accepted the position of District Sales Representative (DSR) in Southern Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois.

Kurt's responsibilities as a DSR will include maintaining and increasing sales volume with established accounts and aggressively seeking new customers in the sale of semen, programs, supplies and nitrogen to ensure profitable sales growth.

Kurt graduated Summa Cum Laude from UW-Platteville, receiving his BS in Animal Science with a dairy emphasis. He also brings a broad range of hands-on industry experience including: being raised on a dairy farm, working as a herdsman where he was responsible for reproduction and herd health on a 1600-cow dairy, and four years experience working as an AI technician for another AI organization.

Kurt was also very active the Pioneer Dairy club for over four years as well as in judging.

"I am very excited for Kurt to start in this territory," says Brian Behnke, Central Region Manager. "Not only is he very familiar with this area, he brings an excellent work ethic and a strong knowledge of both small registered herds and large, expanding dairies matching what this diverse territory needs."

Kurt and his wife Rachel reside in Monroe, Wisconsin.

For more information on Semex USA's products and services visit, call 1-800-303-BULL or contact your local Semex USA representative and see how Semex Works Everywhere!

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Finke Named Central Region Dairy Genetic Consultant

Semex USA is pleased to announce Elizabeth Finke has been hired as Dairy Genetic Consultant in the Central Region. Elizabeth will work closely with District Sales Representatives in the Central Region to build and maintain a customer base in the Excell GM Mating and Premier Young Sire programs.

Elizabeth was born and raised on an 80 cow registered Holstein dairy farm where she was active in the daily operations, herd health and genetic mating. Elizabeth is a graduate of Purdue University where she earned her BS in Agriculture Sales and Marketing, with an emphasis in Animal Science.

Elizabeth has previous experience working for a competitor AI organization in addition to serving as a marketing assistant for USDA Agricultural Marketing Service in Washington DC. Most recently, she served as a Financial Services Officer for Farm Credit Services.

Elizabeth has also been very active in Holstein activities throughout her life including various judging through 4-H and Purdue University Inter-Collegiate Dairy Judging team, as well as serving on many different organizations, including the Bartholomew County Young Farmer Committee, Indiana Holstein Association, Boilermaker Heifer Sale Co-Chairman and many others.

"Elizabeth's education, work history, dairy cattle analysis skills and positive attitude will make her an excellent addition to our Dairy Genetic Consulting team," says Brian Behnke Central Region Manager.

Elizabeth is currently engaged and is excited to relocate to Wisconsin.

For more information on Semex USA's products and services visit, call 1-800-303-BULL or contact your local Semex USA representative and see how Semex Works Everywhere!

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Van de Pols Win Semex's Dinner For Two

Semex is pleased to announce that G&H Dairy of Escalon, California is the winner of Semex's "Win a Trip For Two Anywhere In The World" sweepstakes during the 2008 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.

Semex's Walk of Fame was a popular draw at the World Ag Expo, as it was the first time in several years that cows had been allowed on the grounds, and the first time Semex's Walk of Fame had been to the show.

"With over 100,000 visitors to the show each year, Tulare and the World Ag Expo was a logical location for our Walk of Fame," says Joan Lau Semex Alliance Vice-President Marketing. "Our goal was to display Semex-sired daughters that large herd producers could relate to. Dairymen were pleased with what they saw from us, and were impressed with the way Semex's genetics are working on large-scale California dairies."

G&H Dairy is a family-owned 2,200 cow herd of Holsteins and Jerseys. Managed as a partnership between brothers Gerard and Henry Van de Pol since 1992, the original farm dates back 45 years.

"I try to pick sires that have positives across the board for protein, fat, milk, feet & legs and type," says Gerard.

The Van de Pols' dedication to breeding and these traits are obvious with the Jersey herd averaging approximately 16,000 lbs and the Holsteins averaging 22,000 lbs.

"We ship directly to a cheese factory, so we need cows to milk," says Gerard. "Winning this trip is great. I'm not sure where we're going yet, but I'm sure my wife has a few ideas! Thank you Semex!"

Semex sires 0200HO00044 Stouder Morty and 0200JE00990 Sunset Canyon RP Militia have ... Read More...

Semex Launches Repromax, World's First International Fertility Evaluation

Semex is proud to introduce Repromax, its lineup of highly fertile sires selected to increase profitability by reducing costly days open.

Semex scientists have carefully reviewed fertility information from over 3,000 bulls to determine which Semex sires were most effective at getting cows bred, and have designated these fertility specialists as Repromax sires. Repromax is unique as it takes into account international information from numerous countries and sources, with the goal of improving the fertility performance of cows, and makes Repromax the world's first international fertility evaluation.

"The Repromax sire list combines the best fertility information from all sources," says Senior Geneticist, Dr. Jacques P. Chesnais.

"We've taken into consideration the well-known and established forms of fertility analysis, Estimated Relative Conception Rate (ERCR), Agri-Tech Analysis (ATA), as well as Canada's Non-Return Rate data to determine which Semex sires are fertility specialists, and we have designated these sires as Semex Repromax sires."

"The Canadian information is particularly important because it is based entirely on extensive professional technician data. This increases the reliability of the fertility evaluation and makes designated Repromax sires a powerful tool for dairymen."

Pregnancies are a valuable commodity on the dairy and Repromax sires work to make sure dairymen have the best product to get cows in calf, everytime.

"Our Repromax sires represent the best of the best," says Pierre Laliberté, Senior Vice-President, Global Genetic Programs/Operations.

"Semex's Repromax sires are highly proven, reliable bulls from our lineup that are proven to be high fertility sires, with no genetic sacrifices for quality. We believe dairymen should have the best of both worlds... cows in calf and genetic improvement in their herds."

Semex's Repromax sires are available from our ...

April Proofs Solidfy Semex Jersey Lineup

Semex adds much anticipated Jersey sires to lineup following April 2008 proof round.

Making his official debut in the #1 LPI spot, 0200JE00423 Lencrest Blackstone has arrived on the international scene and not left anyone disappointed. Dual sampled in the US and Canada, Blackstone ranked highly in the January JPI proof round, creating a great deal of excitement with his high combined production and type rankings.

Now in April, with an LPI of over 2000 points, a strong +8 for Conf, over 1000 lbs Milk and a combined 110 lbs fat and protein with 1.9 PTAT in the USA, Blackstone dominates the Jersey breed. His exceptional production breakdown offers tremendous yields for Milk, Fat and Protein with deviations of +.13%F and +.06% P. This kind of production profile makes Blackstone well-suited for all global markets, adding volume and quality to production outputs.

By BW Parade Blackstone's maternal line needs no introduction as it is the same cow family that still dominates the LPI listings, the Duncan Belles. His dam is Declo Belle EX-94-CAN, a former Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Intermediate Champion with 5-03 305 24,775 4.9% 1,208 3.8% 955 lbs.

Blackstone's progeny show his strength and overall functional type. His daughters have very well-attached mammary systems, with extreme support from a deep crease. Their rear udders are wide and highly attached with the capacity to support heavy production. They walk on a very solid, well-shaped foot with a great heel depth. These daughters are tall and long-bodied with great openness of rib, being top producing 2 Yr Olds in both Canada and the United States.

0200JE00940 Prairie Harbour Advice is the first Semex sire proven sire through US Jersey's Dairyland Jersey Sires.

Advice ...