Semex's Genomax™ Program Most Sought After Worldwide

Many past Genomax stars have gone on to be among the world’s most sought after proven sires. This includes 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno, now ranking #12 on Holstein USA's Top 100 TPI International list at +2407 GTPI. And, in Canada, Numero Uno gained over 250 LPI points since April, ranking him #2 for LPI and #4 for the brand new Pro$.

Graduating from the Genomax program in August is the highly-anticipated 0200HO02770 Sully Hart Meridian (Domain x Planet x Shottle) who is the best option in the Top 100 TPI International list for dairymen looking for milk and type at +1865 PTAM and +2.87 PTAT, and he ranks as #25 overall at +2333 GTPI! He's A2A2™, Calving Ease™, Repromax™ and a Show Time™ sire that is extremely popular worldwide. ‪

Seven Holsteins by five different sires joined the US Genomax lineup in August, averaging +2515 GTPI, over $670 NM$ and +5.5 PL. These sires join over 100 other sires in the US Genomax lineup that now has 38 sires over +2500 GTPI, averaging well over +1100 PTAM, +112 Combined F&P, nearly $700 NM$ and a solid +1.95 PTAT. 

Topping this list are:

  1. 0200HO10314 Zahbulls Governor (Flame x Supersonic x Dorcy) at +2637 GTPI, +736 NM$, +6.8 PL, low 2.53 SCS and the #3 available Flame son in the breed! Governor is also an A2A2™, Robot Ready™ and HealthSmart™ sire.  
  2. 0200HO07846 RH Superman (Supersire x Man-O-Man x Baxter) at +2629 GTPI, +2102 Milk, +98 lbs Fat, +69 Pro, +827 NM$ with a +5.6 PL and pleasing type. Superman is also a HealthSmart sire.
  3. 0200HO10258 Sandy-Valley-I Penmanship (Enforcer x Numero Uno x Planet) is the #1 GTPI Enforcer in the breed at +2620 GTPI, +755 NM$, +6.5 PL, low 2.75 SCS, +4.5 DPR, 5.6% Calving Ease and solid type. He’s also the #1 £PLI bull in the UK.   

Type specialists should note that Semex is now home to the #1 PTAT sire 0200HO10036 OH-River-SYC Byway (Meridian x Atwood x Shottle). Byway is turning heads as an A2A2 and Show Time sire that is +4.11 Stature, +2.26 Strength, +2.65 Body Depth, +4.30 FU Attach, +4.69 RU Height, +4.31 RU Width and +4.30 Udder Depth.