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New technologies are always coming along that claim a host of benefits. Seldom, however, do such technologies deliver on or surpass their original claims. Immunity+ is a special innovation that does indeed meet or exceed original expectations. And, with a 25% heritability, Immunity+ sires can help improve a herd's overall health and longevity. Based on the HIR technology developed by Dr. Bonnie Mallard and her colleagues at the University of Guelph, the research surrounding this technology spans decades. It shows that HIR cows have 19-30% lower disease incidence compared to herd averages. These cows also respond better to commercial vaccines and produce higher quality colostrum. As a result, they are more profitable by bringing in more revenue, lowering costs and wasting less of the dairyman's time. And, most importantly, Immunity+ works. "There is a lot of on-going research in the immune response field, and in each case, the findings further validate the many benefits of Immunity+," says Jay Shannon, Semex Global Dairy Solutions Manager. "High immune response technology and Immunity+ sires have shown their potential to be one of the most significant innovations in the genetics industry, having a profound effect on a dairy's strategy to improve overall animal health." Joining the proven Immunity+ lineup following the December 2014 genetic evaluation are: 0200HO07450 AMIGHETTI NUMERO UNO ... MAN-O-MAN x SHOTTLE 0200HO02654 MISTY SPRINGS BRACKLEY ... MAN-O-MAN x WILDMAN 0200HO02698 MISTY SPRINGS SUPERSONI ... SUPER x SHOTTLE 0200HO02704 REGANCREST LERO ... SUPER x ELEGANT   200JE00183    SUNSET CANYON DAVID ... VALENTINO x IMPULS 0200JE00370  GABYS CHRONICLE ... HEADLINE x JACINTO The following Genomax™ bull is also designated Immunity+: 0200HO10155 VIEW-HOME UTAH ... DOORMAN x ROBUST For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Immunity+, Genomax sires or any of Semex's brands visit: