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In August 2009, the HealthSmart™ lineup was launched as a means for Semex clients to quickly identify bulls that would sire the most valuable and profitable cows on the dairy. Five years later, the HealthSmart brand still represents sires that provide fertile and healthy daughters, but also more feed efficient cows. “By including Feed Efficiency in HealthSmart, we’re further emphasizing moderate-sized cattle, healthy cattle, efficient cattle and all around good commercial cows,” says Jay Shannon, Semex Global Dairy Solutions Manager. “These cows are the profitable kind. They have more efficient production, lower maintenance costs, lower health costs, better fertility and lead longer, more productive lives. They’re exactly what dairymen are looking for and what we’re talking about when we talk about Genetics for Life.” The HealthSmart lineup includes these popular sires:  0200HO07450  AMIGHETTI NUMERO UNO 0200HO00402  MAINSTREAM MANIFOLD 0200HO03753  MARBRI FACEBOOK 0200HO02698  MISTY SPRINGS SUPERSONIC 0200HO00560  MONUMENT IMPRESSION 0200HO00528  SILDAHL JETT AIR The following Genomax™ bulls are also designated HealthSmart: 0200HO10135    DELABERGE LOPTIMUM ... SHOTGLASS x PLANET 0200HO06652    LORKA ZUMBA P ... EARNHARDT P x METEOR 0200HO10064    MR ADERYN ANDIRON *RC ... MCCUTCHEN x SUPER 0200HO06591    RITER FS EUPHORIC ... MOGUL x FREDDIE 0200HO09135    RIVERDOWN LAUNCH ... MOGUL x MAN-O-MAN 0200HO06593    SILVERRIDGE V EXTREME ... SUPERSIRE x SNOWMAN 0200HO10195    VIEW-HOME LITTLEROCK ... CASHCOIN x ROBUST 0200HO10088    ZAHBULS AVIATOR ... SUPERSIRE x FREDDIE For more information on Semex, Genomax, Genetics for Life and the complete lineup of HealthSmart sires visit