Semex Programs Continue To Offer Best Sires In The Business

With the August genetic evaluation, Semex once again reaffirmed our commitment to our clients and their drive for profitable genetics. We’re more confident than ever that our programs offer our clients everywhere what they’re looking for through our lineup of newly released daughter proven sires, high reliability sires and the very youngest and brightest genomic superstars.

Semex highlights include its Genomax™ program graduating 0200HO00402 Marbri Facebook (Man-O-Man x Airraid) who received his first official proof ranking him as the #1 TPI sire and #1 MACE LPI in the world! He joins Millionaire Sire 0200HO00402 Manistream Manifold, 0200HO0528 Sildahl Jett Air and another new graduate 0200HO02690 Stantons Empress (Man-O-Man x Outside) in the top 25 GTPI sires in the world.


Led by household names including 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno and the program’s most famous graduate to date, Facebook, our rigorous selection standards ensure that Semex’s Genomax sires are the industry’s finest, most desirable and profitable young bulls available anywhere:

  • 0200HO06642             BLONDIN INTEGRAL ...  SYMPATICO x SHOTTLE
  • 0200HO10157             CALBRETT BLUEPRINT PP *RC ...  EARNHARDT P x COLT P-RED
  • 0200HO10044             CALBRETT BUDDY ...  NUMERO UNO x SUPER
  • 0200HO10135             DELABERGE LOPTIMUM ...  SHOTGLASS x PLANET
  • 0200HO09136             LEADERWIN MUSCADET ...  MOGUL x JEEVES
  • 0200HO06610             LOOKOUT PESCE SNOWY ...  NOW x ATWOOD
  • 0200HO06631             MYSTIQUE ALSACE ...  MCCUTCHEN x GERARD
  • 0200HO06637             SNOWBIZ LITTLETON ...  SUPERSIRE x SNOWMAN
  • 0200HO06635             SNOWBIZ LIVEWIRE ...  MCCUTCHEN x SNOWMAN


Repromax is the world’s only international fertility evaluation, with designated sires having a 2.5% higher conception rate. These sires provide immediate financial benefits to a dairy’s reproductive performance and profitability. Joining this group of fertility leaders following the August evaluations are: 

  • 0200HO06253             AMITIES LOVERTOP ...  PLANET x GOLDWYN
  • 0200HO06267             GEN-I-BEQ LAVAMAN ...  MAN-O-MAN x GOLDWYN
  • 0200HO03753             MARBRI FACEBOOK ...  MAN-O-MAN x AIRRAID
  • 0200HO02644             MISTY SPRINGS SMOKIN ...  LAVANGUARD x FBI        

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