Semex Releases Breed Leading Supersire

Semex believes that Genetics for Life is about delivering the best possible product to our clients. By genomic testing over 5000 bulls each year, we’re ensuring that only the very best call stud 200 home and are designated a Genomax™ sire.

The Genomax lineup continues to be the strongest in the business and has been anchored by the Genomic Giant himself, 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno. In the April 2014 genetic evaluation, five of Holstein USA’s top 10 TPI™ Genomic Young Sires belonged to stud code 200. These sires offer maximum genetic gain and profitability to our clients that are putting them to work in their herds.

Joining this elite Genomax group on August 1 in the US is 0200HO010088 Zahbulls Aviator, a high-ranking Supersire from a deep maternal line. His dam is a GP-83 Freddie x VG-86 Larcrest Chenile x EX-90 GMD DOM Oside Champagne x EX-93-3E GMD DOM Juror Chanel. Aviator offers an excellent genetic package with an impressive +2497 GTPI, +0.13 Fat, +6.2 PL, a moderate +1.09 Stature with a +2.65 PTAT.

Ask your Semex representative today about Aviator or any of Semex’s leading genomic young sires in the Genomax lineup today! For additional information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Genomax or any of Semex’s products or services visit