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Semex Sires Receive Holstein Canada Awards

With each genetic evaluation Holstein Canada recognizes sires who reach elite standards in production, conformation and also genetic indexes through their Superior Production (SP), Superior Type (ST) and Class Extra (EXTRA) programs. Eleven Semex sires have been recognized in April 2008 as Superior Production sires having combined genetic indexes for Fat and Protein in the top 5% of the Canadian sire population. Sires must have a reliability of at least 85%. CANM101627624 BELFAST SAPHIRE (Champion x Lee) CANM9113052 BENNER JOAH (James x Rudolph) CANM9471989 CLAYNOOK ANTHONY (Stormatic x Rudolph) CANM101376901 COMESTAR LOREL (Stormatic x Bellwood) CANM100385065 CRACKHOLM MESSENGER (Champion x Inquirer) CANM8852003 FREUREHAVEN ROGER (Morty x Aeroline) USAM134221902 KERNDTWAY HOWIE-ET (Morty x BW Marshall) CANM9351600 KLAYLAND KLANCY (Inquirer x Leader) CANM101709244 MASSICOTTE NIRVANA (Champion x Stormatic) CANM8744362 MAYBLOSSOM NEPTUNE (Morty x Rudolph) USAM132307288 SANDY-VALLEY TATOO-ET (Marshall x Terry) Four Semex sires have been recognized as Superior Type in April 2008. Sires winning this award are within the top 5% of the sire population for their type proof (Conformation, Mammary System, Feet & Legs, Dairy Strength, Rump) and with a reliability of at least 85%. CANM7350094 BENNER ANSELM (Stormatic x Mattie G) CANM8776169 MORSAN INSTAMATIC (Stormatic x Mattie G) CANM9433271 RUSTOWIL STONEDEN ROX STAR (Boss x Aeroline) CANM9462221 SUMMERSHADE ICE SCULPTURE (Blitz x Marty)