Norwegian Red Sires Shine in April 2008 Proofs

The April 2008 sire summary brings exciting news to the TwoPlus™ sires offered by Semex USA.

Current sire, 252NR10032 Haugseth maintains his number one standing in the Norwegian Red proofs with a Total Merit Index (TMI) of 22. Haugseth solidifies his place as an elite sire of the breed by maintaining this high ranking. Haugseth sires growthy calves which reflect his average calving ease rating. Haugseth is a very high fertility sire making him a tremendous option for the repeat breeders. Known as a true "all-rounder," Haugseth will be difficult to overtake in the rankings.

Closely behind Haugseth is a new addition to the Semex USA line up, 252NR10115 Raastad. Raastad has a 20 TMI. Raastad is health trait sire excelling in resistance to mastitis and other diseases. This comes as no surprise as he is also an udder sire with an overall rating of 116 loaded with milk and high components.

252NR10039 Haga joins Raastad at 18 TMI. This red sire transmits beautiful udders with superior component percentages. In addition to udders, Haga improves feet & legs and milk while excelling in every health trait. Haga sold out faster than any other Norwegian Red sire imported in the USA with similar results expected in his next shipment.

Other highlights include 252NR10183 Aasheim, a red-polled sire, with a 15 TMI resulting from his fantastic production figures. 252NR05848 øygarden settles in with a 14 TMI. He maintains phenomenal production figures with ratings of 120 and 118 for protein and milk respectively.

Ask about these and other sires offered as part of the TwoPlus™ lineup, the best balanced Norwegian Red sires available today.

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