Semex USA Releases Six Newly Proven Holstein Sires

0200HO01796 Stantons SIDNEY
(Lheros x Rudolph x Thor)

Sidney combines two extremely prolific Holstein families... the Laurie Sheiks and the Saturdays.

By the popular Comestar Lheros, Sidney's numbers position him for success in both the LPI and MACE TPI rankings, being +11 Conf/+2.48 PTAT, +10 MS/+1.76UDC with +1423 kg M/+1462 lbs M and a NM$ of 411 with 102 Herd Life and +1.9 Productive Life. In the field, reports cite Sidney daughters as stylish individuals with wide rear udders, strong median suspensory ligaments and hard loins, making them very functional and profitable additions to any herd, anywhere.

Sidney joins his paternal brother, 0200HO05139 Karona Bonair, in the LPI top 10 underlying the breeding power of their EX-97 sire Comestar Lheros and the Laurie Sheik family.

0200HO05156 Comestar LITTORAL
(Stormatic x Rudolph x Blackstar)

Littoral is also from a Rudolph dam, the 2006 Canadian Champion 7 Yr Old in Milk O'Connors TVF Rudolph Lilly with 7-02 305 49,529 1,836 3.7 1,587 3.2 lbs. This family has certainly transmited this high production on to Littoral, making him one of the highest milk bulls in Canada at +2433 kg M with a low SCS of +2.98 and high Herd Life at 108.

His MACE TPI figures certainly echo his Canadian proof with +2314 lbs/+2433kgs M, +1715 TPI/+1579 LPI, +2.19 PTAT/+10 Conf, +1.17 FLC/+9 F&L with a low +2.93/+2.90 SCS, high +2.06 PL/108 Herd Life and nearly 400 for NM$.

Littoral daughters are very high producing cows in the field, being long and silky with great flatness of bone. They walk through the barn and freestalls on comfortable feet & legs with udders that have held up extremely well to their high production levels, making them easy favorites in the parlor. With more great daughters to be added to his proof in April, Littoral will quickly become highly sought after worldwide.

0200HO07317 Magor BOLIVIA Allen
(Allen x Storm x Gypsy Grand)

Bolivia is an outstanding first crop sire proven through our Semex USA Premier program, in addition to being sampled in Hungary. Bolivia comes from one of today's most popular maternal lines of the breed. He is sired by Canyon-Breeze Allen, and is a maternal brother to the popular Semex sires Braedale Goldwyn and Braedale Pagewire. Bolivia's dam is Braedale Baler Twine VG-86-2YR-CAN 20*, a Mauglin Storm daughter of Braedale Gypsy Grand VG-88-5YR-CAN 37*. Bolivia makes his debut at +3.74 PTAT with +2.46 FLC. Bolivia also excels in fat deviation at +0.15% with fat yield of +66lbs. Bolivia is similar to Allen from the standpoint of consistently adding depth to both fore and rear rib also improving strength and width of chest. Bolivia daughters have udders that are high and wide in the rear attachment with good udder quality and teats placed squarely beneath the quarters.

0200HO03375 Glenhaven CARNIVAL
(Goodluck x Rudolph x Jed)

The first proven son from Semex's Braedale Goodluck, Carnival's proof meets early predictions as his numbers demonstrate him to be a sire of quality cows with great production of +712 lbs Milk, +52 lbs Fat, +34 lbs Protein and excellent functional traits of +2.0 productive life and SCS +2.88. In the LPI system, quality functional traits continue with a Lactation Persistency 107, Daughter Fertility 103, Milking Speed 109, Milking Temperament 102, Calving Ability 100 and Daughter Calving Ability of 103. Carnival daughters possess a nice, open rib structure with well-attached, high and shallow udders with strong center ligament supports. Carnival's pedigree is also very exciting and should provide even more confidence to his highly reliable proof, as his maternal side is full of popular bull mothers including his dam Glenhaven Rudolph Cara VG-85-3YR-CAN 1* and second dam Marvans Jed Christina VG-89-5YR-CAN.

0200HO01878 Freurehaven MARCONI
(Morty x Aeroline x Thor)

Marconi is a Morty son proven through the Semex USA Premier program as well as being sampled in Canada. Marconi's dam is Freurehaven Rosaline VG-89-7YR-CAN, who is an Aeroline from a VG-87 Thor from Markwell Bstar E Raven EX-95-3E-USA GMD DOM 5*. You can use Marconi with confidence knowing he is a well-sampled first crop bull with 195 daughters in his initial production proof and 114 daughters in his type proof. He is a high type bull at +3.34 PTAT and +2.24 UDC with a good level of production at +1,119 lbs Milk. Marconi will improve strength and width, adding more substance of bone and siring extreme width of chest and width back through their rumps. Daughters have well-attached udders, being high and wide in their rear udder attachments and have short front teats placed well under their quarters.

0200HO05164 Charpentier MAGOT
(Morty x Igniter x Rudolph)

Magot is another Morty son that comes from the Laurie Sheik family. His dam is Comestar C Madona Igniter VG-87-2YR-CAN 1*, next dam is Crackholm Comestar Memory VG-87-2YR-CAN 9*. Magot is +3.03 PTAT and +2.30 UDC combined with balanced milk yield at +860 lbs.