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Canadian Red Angus Fall 2013 EPDs Now Online

Semex is happy to announce that the new Fall 2013 EPDs are now online for all Red Angus sires. The Canadian Angus Associaiton recently released the new numbers and below are some of the Semex sire highlights:

Red Badlands Capacity 37W - Top 1% for WW, YW, TM and CW!

Red Bar-E-L Touch Down 100T - Growth, power and performance, he is ranked at the top of the breed for WW, YW, CW and Fat.

Red Champlain Serenade 2513P - Still a breed leader for calving ease predictability, he posts an amazing -5.3 BW EPD.

Red Gold-Bar Unique JW 1113U - Continues to show exceptional balance with powerful growth, maternal and carcass strength.

Red Lazy MC CC Cut Above 102Y - Showcases a great balance of growth, maternal power and carcass value.

Red RRAR Palermo 20Y - -4.6 BW EPD combined with a 11.0 CE EPD, he provides breeders with a reliable calving ease option.

Red Ter-Ron Full Blast 120T - Top 3% for YG, top 6% for REA and top 5% for Fat, he provides exceptional carcass value to his calves.

TNTs Profit Margin X203 - Breed leading growth combined with exceptional muscle and carcass value.

Click here to view all the new Fall 2013 Red Angus EPDs.
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Gelbvieh Fall 2013 EPDs Now Online

Semex is happy to now have Fall 2013 EDPs online from both the American Gelbvieh and Canadian Gelbvieh Associaitons. Below are a couple quick highlights from the fall round:

EGL Garth J040 ET - powerpacked performance and muscle rank this bull at the top of the breed for WW, YW, CW and RE!

JRI Pop A Top 197T83 - continues to showcase his calving ease predictability wiht a -2.9 BW EPD.

ZTM McCoy 407S Helix 29Y - a balanced from top to bottom, with growth, maternal and muscle.
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Updated American Angus Assoc. EPDs Now Online

Fall 2013 EPDs continue to roll out and we are happy to announce the American Angus Association EPDs have now been updated on the Semex Beef website. A friendly reminder that the American Angus Association releases updated EPDs each Friday so please click on the link on each bulls page for the most up to date data and info. American Angus Association Fall EPD Highlights: Ellingson Bandwagon 1053 combines breed topping growth with exceptional maternal power. EXAR Concise 1304B posts an impressive 63 WW EPD with a 100 YW EPD! Koupals B&B Dante 2069 has an exceptional EPD spread showcasing moderate calving ease, tonnes of growth, maternal strength and loads of carcass power. Bushs Coach 510 still leads the breed for growth with a WW and YW EPD in the top 1% of the breed. Jindra 3rd Dimension’s EPDs read extremely well with top 25% CED and BW, top 1% WW and YW, top 3% CW and top 25% RE. Mohnen Image Maker 21 has power packed EPDs ranked at the top of the breed for CED, BW, WW, YW, CEM, MILK, CW and Fat! Mohnen Merritt 442 posts an incredible 134 YW EPD. PA Insight 2670 has some impressive numbers, ranking in the top 1% of the breed for WW, YW, MILK and MARB! S A V Cabela 1196 shows exceptional balance from growth to maternal. S A V Piedmont 0882 takes the lead with a 125 YW EPD. S A V Riata 1178 tops the breed with an incredible 69 WW EPD and 134 YW EPD, as well as a 64 CW EPD. SandPoint Firestorm Y400 posts breed leading calving ease combines with maternal and carcass strength SandPoint Soldier Y400 shows off moderate calving ease, combined with growth, maternal strength and muscle. Vision Unanimous 1418 still tops the breed for performance and power, ranking at the top of the breed for WW, YW and CW. Remember to check back for more Fall 2013 EPDs!
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Fall 2013 EPDs - More Online

Fall 2013 EPDs continue to roll out with the American Simmental Association recently being added, as well as Brahman, Gir and Simbrah. All new numbers are now up on the Semex Beef website, so feel free to check them out and watch for more Fall 2013 EPDs to be released soon.
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More Fall 2013 EPDs Now Online

Fall 2013 EPDs continue to roll out with the new Canadian Black Angus and both the Canadian and American Hereford numbers now online. Canadian Angus Association (Black Angus) highlights: MVF Siberian 69X ranks at the top of the breed for performance with a 61 WW EPD and a 121 YW EPD. Peak Dot Mountain Top 940X shows off tonnes of growth and performance with his new EPDs. Soo Line Grizzley 9034 shows off more power and performance in his new Fall 2013 EPDs. Top 8% for WW and top 15% for YW! Triara Slam Dunk ET 357Y has an extremely impressive set of numbers from top to bottom. Triara Windsor 368W has a great balance of proven calving ease with muscle and carcass value. Hereford hightlights: Boyd Banker 0015 ET continues to dominate at the top of the breed for WW, YW, MILK, TM and REA! Haroldsons Title Shot ET 45Y showcases a great balance of growth, maternal and carcass strength. McCoy 55M Absolute 49S still possesses a powerful set of numbers ranking at the top of the breed across the board for all traits while providing breed leading calving ease, performance and maternal strength. Triara Wide Load 391W tops of the breed for performance with an impressive 64 WW EPD and 106.4 YW EPD. Triara Xcelorator 594X shows off a great balance of calving ease combined with power and performance. WLB Lego 83T 90X has the full package combining calving ease, growth and breed topping REA. WLL Global Force 7X leads the breed for performance and carcass power. We will continue to update the website as new Fall 2013 EPDs become available, so remember to check back.
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Semex Genetics At Work - Costa Rica

Semex genetics are at work for breeders in over 80 countries around the world. Known for our high quality bovine genetics, Semex prides itself on providing breeders with breed leading genetics as well as genetic solutions that will ensure our clients success for generations to come as we work together side by side. Beeche Brahmans in Upala, Costa Rica used PRR Paragon 318U and BBBG Bradock 2T on some of their females last year and are extremely impressed with the calves they now have on the ground. Running close to 300 head on the ranch, the operation is a registered Simbrah and Brahman program that focuses on marketing bulls as well as replacement females.  
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Fall 2013 EPDs Are Rolling Out

It’s that time of year again! Fall 2013 EPDs are starting to roll out and Semex is extremely excited to check out the new numbers. The Red Angus Association of America and the Canadian Charolais Association are the first to release their new numbers. Check them out online today at Some highlights include:

Bieber Steakhouse Y165 continues to show exceptional growth and muscle, ranking in the top 1% of the breed for WW, YW, CW and REA!
SRK Canyon 2Y has a great fall run, showcasing his great balance of calving ease, growth and maternal.
Merit Roundup 9508W continues to showcase awesome balance, combining breed leading calving ease, performance, maternal strength and muscle.
KCM Tazer 720T takes the lead, ranking at the top of the breed for WW, YW, TM and CW!
Cedardale Yellowstone 25Y has an impressive 46 TM EPD and 24 MILK EPD, showcasing exceptional maternal strength, and also ranks in the top 10% of the breed for MARB.

Remember to check back as more Fall 2013 EPDs are released!
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JRI Pop A Top 197T83 Ė Now Available In Canada

Semex is excited to announce that JRI Pop A Top 197T83 semen is now available in Canada. New to the Gelbvieh line up, Pop A Top provides breeders with an exceptional balance of calving ease, performance and muscle. Out of a first calf heifer, he posted an impressive 74 lbs birth weight to 787 lbs weaning weight. His pedigree provides proven fertility and maternal strength on his bottom side, while also providing generations of calving ease predictability.   "Beef, butt and guts 'heifer bull' genetics" Cattlemen s Connection Click here to read more. Contact your local representative to order today.
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North American DNA Test Improvements Define the Next Era

North American herdbooks have recently transitioned their DNA testing from the old standard of microsatellite testing, which has been used for the past decade for DNA testing and parentage verification, to a new and improved DNA testing called Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP). SNP is an industry leading DNA test that will provide breeders with a more accurate, efficient and affordable DNA test. Breeds currently transitioned to SNP include Angus, Simmental, Limousin and Gelbvieh. Due to the increased advantages of the new test it is expected that the other breed associations as well as international herdbooks will also transition over the new DNA test within the next couple years. Below is an excellent video put out by Livestock Gentec to better explain this interesting new technology that will take the North American beef industry into the next era. †
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Semex CEO Paul Larmer Named Royal Board of Directors Vice President

Recently the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Association held its 91st Annual General Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. At this meeting, it was announced that the Board of Directors had elected Paul Larmer to the role of Vice President of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for 2013. Since 2009, Paul has been a valued member of the Fairís Board of Directors, bringing decades of experience in the agriculture and food sector. Throughout his career, Paul has demonstrated strong leadership, management and strategic planning expertise. Paul has vast knowledge and expertise of the bovine genetics industry at a national and international level. He has been an instrumental force in building the dairy industry in Canada. As a past General Manager of United Breeders, Paul worked closely with the Boards of Directors of United Breeders and Western Ontario Breeders to facilitate the merger and formation of Gencor in 1995 (known as EastGen today). Paul was also key in the formation of the Semex Alliance in 1997, where he currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer, championing their growth as a global leader. Paul is also a strong promoter of youth and has served on the Board of Trustees of the Ontario Youth Trust Fund, is a past chair of the Ontario 4-H Foundation and the OAC Alumni Association. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Association is honoured that Paul Larmer has accepted this role of Vice President.
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