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The Semex Board of Directors and Executive Management Team is excited to announce the creation of a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Semex Mexico, effective October 1, 2020.

“The Mexican dairy industry has seen consistent, steady growth. This is driven by their consumers turning to new healthier dairy products and a growing cheese market, the formation of the Semex Mexico subsidiary is a natural progression of our business,” says Horacio Larrea, Semex Director International Sales & Business Development, Latin America. “Mexico has always been a key market for Semex, with the Mexican dairyman demanding the product, solutions and services Semex is known for worldwide.”

Leading Semex Mexico is Ing Ernesto Padilla de Anda, with seven years of experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with dairymen across Mexico. Ernesto will work with our distribution network around the country, ensuring that Semex’s very best products and programs will be available to Mexican farmers.  

Semex Mexico joins Semex USA, Semex UK, Semex Australia, Semex Argentina, Semex Uruguay, Genbank (Hungary), Semex Deutschland, Semex N.Z. Ltd and Semex China within the Semex-owned subsidiary companies. Along with Ernesto and his distributor network, Semex is committed to Semex Mexico’s future growth and success.

Semex is a leading global genetic company focused on providing our clients with the solutions, innovations and technologies that positively impact their lives, as well as the lives of the animals on their operations and within our global community. This is Genetics for Life, our guiding compass. For more information please visit For more information on Semex Mexico please visit
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Semex Part Of New Angus Genome Project Aimed At Reducing BRD

This week, the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Canada's Minister of Science and Sport, announced $56 million in funding to support 37 research projects. This includes Semex's new joint project with the University of Guelph's Dr. Bonnie Mallard, the Angus Genetics Inc and Canadian Angus Association dedicated to fighting Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in Angus Beef cattle. This project received over $500,000 in funding from Genome Canada's Genomic Application Partnership Program. 


"We've already done this for dairy cattle with our partner Semex," says Dr. Mallard. "It will provide three major benefits. The first is to the animal, because healthier animals are better off all the way around. The second is to the producer. They save time and money because they don't have to spend time treating sick animals with antibiotics or other therapeutics as much as they would under normal circumstances. And the third benefit is to the consumer, of course, because you (the consumer) can sit with confidence when you eat that steak, knowing that it came from naturally healthy animals, that were produced in a healthy and sustained environment."


BRD is the most common and costly disease affecting feedlot cattle in North America, with estimates to be as high as $1 billion annually. Unfortunately, pharmaceuticals are temporary solutions, with antimicrobial resistance growing and antibiotics are becoming less effective over time. Additionally, the meat industry is facing mounting pressure to phase out antibiotic use, with supply chains responding to consumer demand.


"Semex is taking our Immunity+® technology to the beef industry," says Dr. Michael Lohuis, Semex Vice President Research & Innovation. "With Dr. Mallard, the Angus Genetics Inc and Canadian Angus Association, we're developing a High Immune Response test for Angus cattle. BRD is a costly disease, and we think we could reduce those costs by up to 50%! Our goal is to develop a more sustainable beef ... Read More...

Agribition and Semex Partner for a New Purebred Beef Jackpot

Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) will host a new bull calf jackpot event at Agribition in 2015. President’s Classic presented by Semex, will take place in the Chevrolet GMC Stadium on Tuesday, November 24th. A panel of three experts will judge bull calves within their breed, culminating in a grand finale featuring the champion of each breed vying for the President’s Classic title. The total payout for the event will exceed $7,500. “Semex is proud to be a part of this inaugural and exciting event. Bulls are our business and we are happy to support Agribition’s platform to identify the next great group of future herd sires developed by purebred beef breeders,” says Myles Immerkar, Manager of Global Beef Programs with Semex. “Agribition is the country’s largest purebred beef show,” says CWA Beef Committee Chair, Chris Lees. “Integrating First Lady Classic and President’s Classic is an ideal way to kick off the week.” Agribition drew in over 800 visitors from over 70 countries last year. “These types of competitions are a catalyst in securing exports to new markets; they are widely regarded as an integral part of marketing beef cattle genetics for our producers,” says Lees. First Lady Classic, presented by Merck, is also a jackpot event which sees judges select the top yearling heifer at Agribition. Last year the total amount paid out in First Lady Classic was $7,600. Entries for President’s Classic and First Lady Classic close October 1st.
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The President's Classic Presented by Semex

Semex and CWA are excited to announce a new event to appear at the 2015 show, the President’s Classic. The President’s Classic is a purebred bull calf jackpot that will be held Tuesday, November 24 in the Chevrolet GMC Stadium. Along with the First Lady Classic, the President’s Classic will prove to be an exciting kick-off to the week’s purebred beef programming. Beef Committee Chair, Chris Lees, states, “Agribition is excited to include this purebred bull calf competition in the scheduling as a kick-off to the week. We are excited to have Semex on board to help support the introduction of this event.” A panel of three expert cattlemen will judge the calves by breed.   All breed champions will return to the ring where they will compete against each other in front of the same panel of judges. Excitement builds as the judges hand in their cards, the scores are tabulated, and the President of the ring is crowned. “Semex is proud to be a part of this inaugural and exciting event. Bulls are our business and we are happy to support Agribition’s platform to identify the next great group of future herd sires developed by purebred beef breeders. This event will be extremely unique in providing the opportunity for breeders to evaluate their genetic progress across the purebred industry against all other breeds on an even playing field,” notes Myles Immerkar, Manager, Global Beef Programs, Semex. Entries for President’s Classic will close October 1, 2015. For more information, visit or contact Shawna Fuchs, Livestock & Rodeo Manager at 924-9589 or
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The Canadian Simmental Association was pleased to honor Semex Beef™ of Guelph, Ontario with the prestigious World Simmental Fleckvieh Federation (WSFF) Golden Book Award during the recent Canadian National Simmental show which was held at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario. The WSFF Golden Book Award is presented by the Canadian Simmental Association (CSA) to honor individuals or organizations who have contributed to the expansion and growth of the Simmental breed and are also leaders in the development of international trade of Canadian Simmental genetics.

Semex Canada was formed in 1973 as an international marketing arm for Canadian A.I. units and in 1997 Semex Alliance was formed. The Semex Beef program was formed in 1997 to provide Canadian beef genetics to the global market-place and has quickly grown into one of the world's leading beef programs with a product offering that involves in excess of 25 beef breeds and exports to over 70 countries on a regular basis.

The Simmental breed has been a major contributor to the success of Semex Beef and continues to be the highest selling beef breed globally for Semex. Sales of Simmental genetics have been exported to 68 countries and are responsible for in excess of 1.1 million doses of sales over the past 5 years.

"On behalf of the World Simmental Fleckvieh Federation and the Canadian Simmental Association, we are pleased to recognize Semex Beef with this well-deserved award," stated Canadian Simmental Association President Kelly Ashworth. "Semex Beef continues to be a strong supporter of the Simmental breed, both nationally and globally, and their dedication and commitment to the Simmental breed and to CSA members has been appreciated."
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Semex is pleased to announce that Brad Gilchrist will be joining Semex’s Beef team as a Beef Marketing & Product Specialist effective Monday, July 14. In this role Brad will be responsible for the marketing and branding of the Beef program, as well as providing product support to all markets as Semex continues to grow globally. “We’re extremely pleased to have Brad join our team,” says Myles Immerkar, Manager, Semex Global Beef Programs. “His experience both domestically and internationally working with beef clients makes him a perfect fit for our team. He understands our clients’ needs and brings real-world, hands-on experience to this position.” Brad graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.Sc. Agriculture, Honors degree in 2008 and since then has worked as an AI Technician and Beef Representative at Eastgen. In this role he was responsible for creating beef marketing programs and sales strategies, while also consistently meeting and exceeding his own individual sales targets. Additionally, Brad is the herd manager at his own Angus cow-calf herd specializing in show steers, Gilchrist Farms. Established in 2000, Brad has quickly built this herd into a well-recognized name in the seed stock industry handling all of the herd’s branding, marketing and development. For additional information about Semex or Semex Beef please visit or    
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Progeny out on Pasture

A sure sign spring has sprung, this beautiful fullblood Fleckvieh heifer is enjoying a nice sunny day out on fresh grass. Sired by KOP Gladiator 106Y and out of a PRL Minnesota 48M female, this heifer is extremely thick made with tonnes of performance. A special thank you to Horizon Fleckvieh for sending in this photo!
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Semex Acquires Exciting New Simmental

Semex has been searching for a true calving ease red Simmental sire with an outcross pedigree w strong phenotype and performance. We teamed up with Bonchuk Farms and purchased Kuntz Sheriff at the recent Kuntz/Stoughton/Mcintosh Bull Sale. Kuntz Sheriff has great depth of body, sound structure and muscle expression coupled with a 63 lb birthweight and 1401 lb YW! Watch for him later in 2014!
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Semex Acquires New Angus Sires

Semex Beef™ has partnered with Peak Dot Angus Ranch to acquire the lead-off bulls of both the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Pen of Bulls at the 2014 National Western Stock Show!

Bush’s Easy Decision 98 was the anchor of the 2014 Champion Pen. A son of O’Reilly Factor he brings an impeccable set of numbers showcased by an exceptional 137 YW EPD. He posted a 1616 lb YW and was admired for his flawless structure. KR Cash 3402 led off the Reserve Champion Set of Bulls for Krebs Angus. He's a son of Barstow Cash whose consistent progeny were admired throughout the 2014 spring season. A new pedigree for the progressive breeder that brings an exceptional balanced package of phenotype and sound set of EPDs.

Watch for updates on availability on these Champions later in 2014!
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