The Semex Difference


Immune genetics for great disease resistance

Immune response selection is highly effective, because it's 30% heritable. Each generation bred to an Immunity+ sire is expected to reduce disease incidence by at least 4-8% and these offspring produce higher quality colostrum with more antibodies and have a greater response to commercial vaccines.

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Semex Works

A standout tool for making genetic decisions

SemexWorks is a powerful, easy to use tool empowering you to define your specific farm economics and the needs for your operation from a genetic viewpoint. Developed by Semex and used in over 20 countries, it's easy with user-friendly touch screens and a simple step-by-step process.

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A powerful herd performance tool

DairyTrack™ is a powerful herd performance monitoring tool using on-farm animal data synchronized nightly from the farm management or milking parlor software to the DairyTrack program. The highly visual and easy-to-interpret DairyTrack reports set Semex apart from any other advisory service provided to producers.

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Semex ai24

Put more time on your side with Semex ai24™

Semex's ai24™ whole herd management solution with both rumination monitoring and heat detection capabilities can't put more hours in your day, but it can put more time on your side. It's time for ai24.

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A world leader in developing new techniques for embryo transfer

Semex is one of the only genetic companies with a fully integrated embryology laboratory with a focus on embryo freezing, in vitro fertilization and genomics.

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Solutions Working For You

Targeting fertility, health and longevity to build a profitable herd

The Best Way to Fight Disease

The only company offering immune genetics for greater disease resistance.

Genomic Sires

Delivering the world's most in-demand and profitable sires.

Calving Ease Sires

Fewer difficult births make your herd a profitable herd.

Healthy and Feed Efficient

HealthSmart™ cows last longer and are more feed efficient.

Fertility + Calving Ease

A combination of the best Repromax, Calving Ease and genomic sires.

Built for Automation

Superior genetics for Robot Ready™ sires are an asset for automated dairies.

Grazing Pro

Sires designed to make management in grazing environments as effortless as possible.

High Fertility Sires

High fertility sires with no genetic sacrifices for quality.

SexedULTRA™ Sexed Semen

Control your herd's genetic future with more heifers.

A2A2 Sires

Meeting the demand for homozygous A2 sires.

Growing to meet global demand

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